Samsung Galaxy SII ( S2 )

Samsung Galaxy SII ( S2 )
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Im making an application with the x-cocos2d for android and i’m testing the application with the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung Galaxy S
Lg Optimus

I’m having some problems with the device Samsung Galaxy SII because the black bars do not appear and the scene appears stretched. I think this device has a very high resolution. The fact that the bar is not displayed is a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for my bad english and appreciate the reply :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:


GalaxyS2’s resolution is WVGA and GalaxyS’s resolution is WVGA.

Did you change view size?
How about read this post ->


I have the same issue on galaxy s2…

I don’t think that’s the resolution problem and maybe that’s the rotation make this difference.

I have another project using landscape mode and that’s fine on both devices.

But when I change to portrait-fullscreen and there has a black bar on the top of screen.