Sage Kids now available for Android

Sage Kids now available for Android
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Hi all!

Sage Kids was born in 2011 as a Cocos2D-iPhone IOS game, now it’s available for Android, FREE, with an App Purchase of just 0.99 if you want to add more than 1 personalized photo, the games are full and unlocked in the free version. A BlackBerry 10 version is also available (I used it to migrate to cocos2d-X the core functionality of cocos2d-iPhone with their amazing eclipse based IDE).

You can get Sage Kids for Android here:

About Sage Kids:

3 Educative games all in one: Puzzles, Match Game and Learning to write, and you can personalize them with your own photos! All games are unlocked, free and full functional, there is only a 0.99$ in-app purchase if you want to add more than 1 personalized photo to to games.

The kids will enjoy and learn while playing their favorite games with the photos of Dad, Mum and their dear pet.
We have put together the teachers’ most recommended games for your kids to continue learning outside the school hours.

Just try it; it is perfect to play when travelling, when on holidays, in the car or in the waiting lounge of an appointment. They will have fun and you will know that the game is contributing to their learning.


• PUZZLES: improve a child’s problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships; increases their visual awareness and can teach them color recognition, shape recognition, and more. It also trains the hand-eye coordination.
• MATCH GAME: it enhances their memory skills and also their capacity to identify shapes and colors. The illustrations and sounds will help them recognize the animals and the sounds they make.
• LEARNING TO WRITE: to practice the drawing of the letters they are learning at school now, with the help of well-known and simple words. Moreover, they will practice the fine motor skills of their fingers, a key ability for writing, using Montessori writing guidelines.

Games to learn while having fun!

Feedback, bug reports and suggestions are welcome. Please visit our webpage and profile in Facebook!

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Android Version:

BlackBerry 10 Version:

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• You will be able to replace the illustrations in the games with your own photos stored in the phone or tablet
• 3 levels of difficulty in the Puzzles
• Match Game with funny animals and sounds
• Learning to write with a dotted line for each letter, following Montessori writing guidelines