Running the tests on iPhone 4

Running the tests on iPhone 4
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I just downloaded the latest build (0.8.4) and I was able to compile and run the tests on simulator, but when I try to compile on the real device it doesn’t work.
I get the following error ( which is shown in the attached image )

Error.png (300.3 KB)


I just success on rebuild again, and the settings are

Could you tell me your environment, such as
* type of mac machine
* osx version
* xcode version
* ios sdk version


Mac machine: Snow Leopard 10.6.7
Xcode: 4
IOS: 4.3


Regarding your error.png, can you find “libbox2d.a” in the folder test/test.ios/build/Debug-iphoneos or Release-iphoneos ?


That folder doesn’t exist.
I don’t know why is trying to link from that location.
Question: is there like a tutorial of how to build and run the tests on the read device ( not on the simulator ) ?



Here’s my screenshot. Maybe xcode4 will build .a into different directory.

Build and run tests on real device is almost the same to the simulator, the only difference is you had to get a provision, that’s all.
I think the key of your problem is:
# is box2d compiled successfully?
# where’re the libbox2d.a libcocos2d.a located?
# is the link path correct to find this folder?


I can’t check that right now, since I’m at work and my project is on my home computer.
Just a question did anyone check to just start the test project and run on iPhone?


well, I tested the previous build in both android an ios devices.