Running the cocos2d-x tests project

Running the cocos2d-x tests project
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Hi all I’m trying to run the tests project , after i build the project i got error “cannot find -lcocos2dx”
any help ?



Hi, did you switch all projects to the same configuration? If not, try to select all project and right click to keep ‘Building Configurations’ with the same value.
BTW, which version you use? latest release or latest code on github?


Thanks for the quick reply James

I’m using the latest release , and it’s working now after I do the Building Configurations for all project

best regards


May Ask Another question
like how to change the application orientation (landscape / portrait) ?
and how print CClog in the QNX momentic IDE ?



Hi, you can call ‘pDirector->setDeviceOrientation(kCCDeviceOrientationLandscapeLeft);’ in AppDelegate::applicationDidFinishLaunching() function to switch your application to Portrait.
define the macro COCOS2D_DEBUG=1 ,then invoke CCLOG to print your log , or just invoke CCLog.


got it , thank you very much