Rigged animation tech

Rigged animation tech
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Has anyone found a good open source C++ animation system for basic animations for a rigged character?

I was looking at the animations in Zombieville USA 2:

And what he’s accomplished is quite impressive. Was just curious if anyone had found a good solution for doing something similar in cocos2d-x.



What you want is something like 2D skeletal animation? In ZombieVille, the gun is a child of hero, it has its own rotation/move. If the hero moves, child node’s position/rotation will calculate from parent node + itself. Have I gotten your meaning?


Yup, exactly, a simple skeletal animation system is exactly what would be needed. The ZombieVille tech actually uses a 3D animation system (in Unity) and attaches a quad to the bones as far as I understand.

Writing a system like this certainly wouldn’t be too terribly difficult - I was mainly curious to see if there were any good solutions out there that people had played with. Some of the support that comes from an established solution (animation blending, importers from Maya, firing tags at points in the animation, etc) would take up more time if we decided to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:


AFAIK, there’s still no skeletal animation in both cocos2d-iphone & cocos2d-x. I think the workload is not at the part of creating joints bones system, but at the editor for artist. After all, we cannot write rotate xx degrees, move xxx points such things in hard coding, while the artist sit beside and say: hands move more pixels! legs rotate more degrees! Build and run, let me see the effect! It will be a nightmare of a programmer. So I think the problem is editor.

But cocos2d python has a very simple one http://www.cocos2d.org/doc/programming_guide/skeletal_animations.html. If you ask Riq, I guess he would tell you to start from this, port it to objc or c++.


Yup, nothing in cocos2d or cocos2dx that I know of, but figured there may be another open source c++ skeletal animation system out there that could hook in. Would definitely not want to build an editor for the artists from scratch since there are a lot of tools out there that already solve that problem. I would hope that any system would support importing from any of those exported formats.

I’ll take a look at the python solution - seems like a decent starting point. Thanks!


If you find any mature solutions for 2D skeletal animation, please tell me so we can improve cocos2d.
I’ve searched this for a few days, but most ones were 3D, just show a simple demo or a blog, oops.


hey guys,
Adobe flash is an amazing 2D animation software for that kind of animation style.
flash can generate XML data or body parts, their pivot position and scale rotation and more.
if someone could use maybe the opensource code of flump or flash2cocos2d and make it easy for using in cocos2dx
that would be great
because every artist and designer knows how to use flash and make animation there, its way easy then doing it in maya.
maybe someone have a solution for that ?