Revmob SDK Listener


Hi I have implemented the Rev mob cocos2Dx SDK into my app however I cant work out how my app can tell when the add has been closed. Does anyone know how to do this?


It’s well documented on their website

See the code :

RevMobAdsListener listener = new RevMobAdsListener() {
            public void onRevMobAdReceived() { Log.i("[RevMob]", "onAdReceived"); }
            public void onRevMobAdNotReceived(String message) {} // you can hide the More Games Button here
            public void onRevMobAdDisplayed() {}
            public void onRevMobAdDismiss() {}
            public void onRevMobAdClicked() {}

See the section “listeners”


Ahh okay thanks. Pity there is no C++ code to go with the cocos2Dx sdk but still better than nothing. Thanks for your help