Retina display, resolution, etc.

Retina display, resolution, etc.
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I’m still not understanding this fully. I find info on the web but it seems to be out of date, or for Cocos2d-iPhone. (I am using 2.1.5).

I’m using the iPhone 4 simulator. It gives me a resolution of 480x320, which is the old (iPhone 3) resolution, even when I ask for it in pixels.

I saw postings about enabling retina mode, but I cannot find those options in Cocos2d-x.

At this point, I’m loading a 256x256 texture and it covers almost the entire screen (because it’s 256/320 of the shortest screen dimension).

Really, I do not care about iPhone 3 or below. I only want pixels. I am happy enough to calculate my layouts. I want to have my 256x256 only take up about a quadrant of the iPhone 4 screen, as it should.

What magical setting am I missing? :slight_smile:


OK, after checking everything in code again, I found the magical setting…

Although the simulator looked like iPhone 4, it was still set for iPhone 3 resolution. Changing it in the menus made it work as expected.

I feel like a dummy. :slight_smile:


This is a good read: