Retina as main resolution

Retina as main resolution
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I want t use iPhone retina resolution (640x960) as main resolution in my app. All resources created for this resolution.

So, i enable retina mode for a view this way:
if ([__glView respondsToSelector:selector(setContentScaleFactor:)]) {
[__glView setContentScaleFactor:2.0];

After this, screen resolution was 640x960, but cocos director still used 320x480 (my app draws into left bottom corner)
I discovered that CCDirector use Bounds property of EAGLView (actually, getWidth and getHeight selectors) for it’s own resolution, so i used contentScaleFactor as modifier for bounds:

`-(int) getWidth
CGSize bound = [self bounds].size;
return bound.width * [self contentScaleFactor];

-(int) getHeight
CGSize bound = [self bounds].size;
return bound.height * [self contentScaleFactor];

After this, all seems normal.

Question is, does this method have side effects?