[RESOLVED] Problems enabling retina resolution

[RESOLVED] Problems enabling retina resolution
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I’m uncommenting out this line in AppDelegate.cpp:


But when the code gets here, it returns false and retina is not enabled.

// setContentScaleFactor is not supported
if (! m_pobOpenGLView->canSetContentScaleFactor())
    return false;

I’m not sure why this is. I read online that all I had to do was have the enableRetinaDisplay line and that should do it. This is in xcode, with the iphone 5 simulator, in case it matters. Thank you.


I reposted in iphone forum. How do I delete this post?


iphone5 simulator != retina display.
You must select menu~~>hardware~~>device->iphone(retina) to enable it on simulator first.


Great, got it working. Thank you!