[Resolved][IE10] Having trouble to run with 2.1.3

[Resolved][IE10] Having trouble to run with 2.1.3
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Hey guys, anyone is running the game under Internet Explorer 10?

I found out that the HelloWorld was working good, but all the other examples that are using the JSLoader just crash.

I tried to take the Loader function out of my Game and it loaded and even has music playing, but for not clear reason it do not get any click into menuitems…

Also it seems to have a problem with opacity and with XML loaders (it is not entering the code into the XAMLParse that says it is mean to be for IE)…

Thank you!



For those having similar problems, please ensure that you are not trying it locally!
Have tried now by my apache server and it has ran with no problems at all!

Sorry the miss post guys!


Thanks for your update.