[RESOLVED] Compiling is way too slow


Hi, I’ve tried compiling for android with cocos compile -p android and the process takes about 10 minutes the first time that it’s ran (althought when it ends it claims “BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 11 seconds”).

Then, if I make changes to the source and re-compile, the proccess takes only a few seconds.

I noticed that the long time needed the first time around is because all of the .cpp files of cocos2d-x, but they are skipped in the second time and times after that.

So I thought “that was it, just a one-time thing”. However, when attempting to compile another project for the first time, I had to lose all this time again.

So I wonder: can’t those compiled files be cached somewhere so they are available for all projects after they’ve been proccessed for one already?

EDIT: oh! I see, the created project comes with a “runtime-src” folder in it’s “frameworks” folder, but if you take an already compiled one and overwrite it you can save the time and trouble :smiley: So I’ve went ahead and replaced those folders in my “templates” folders as well, so I don’t forget to do it in the future. Perhaps the problem was just that someone forgot to do this before releasing the .zip that’s currently in the downloads page?

Excessive disk space consuption

Hi, @ZippoLag

It’s true that the C++ compilation is very long, we will try to improve that, maybe it is a good idea to precompile it, but I will confirm that with our developer of the tool, he may has his reason.