[Resolved]Bug in cocos2d-html5 or CocoStudio

[Resolved]Bug in cocos2d-html5 or CocoStudio
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I’m testing CocoStudio with cocos2d-html5, and I find a bug.

If you made an animation with some bone with only one frame, the loader calls function fmod with x & y =0, and causes a bucle. And everything hangs.

The solution is to make every bone of the animation have at least two frames, but I’m not sure if this is a bug of the library.
This is a test case with the animation causing the problem and a simple example using cocos2d-html5-2.2

cocos2d-html5 bug.zip (330.3 KB)


Hi,Jose Antonio Andujar.
Yes,it was a bug of Armature that cc.fmodf will call infinite loop when x & y =0. I had fixed this bug in develop branch.


Yes Xingsen, I saw your github commit yesterday.