RenderTextureTest failed

RenderTextureTest failed
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I have installed tests app in my htc-03a(android 2.2 updated) ,but the RenderTextureTest is not run.
and I have tryed to change scene in my app use
CCDirector::sharedDirector()->replaceScene(CCTransitionCrossFade::transitionWithDuration((float)time/1000, scene) );
and my app get crashed. In the log I found this:
called unimplemented opengl es api.
please help.


CCRenderTexture uses framebuffer objects, which is an extension to OpenGL ES 1.1 (and, of course, part of GLES 2.x). You’ve probably got GLES 1.0 or just 1.1 without support for FBO. There’s not much you can do about that… :frowning:

CCTransitionCrossFade uses CCRenderTexture, afaik. So that’s probably why it doesn’t work either.

How do I know? Well, the Android emulator also complains about unimplemented gles api calls when using FBO’s, for the same reason. FBO is not supported in the emulator.


I created bug #507 just 2 days ago, and plan to debug it in these days.
Thanks for Strawberry’s share, it will help us to locate this bug.


Ok,thanks for reply. I use layer fadein and fadeout to replace CCTransitionCrossFade at last.