Rendering graphics defect

Rendering graphics defect
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Hi all!

When we are creating a window 1024x768 and loading a sprite from picture “Sprite to load”, then it renders not right, as shown on picture “Sprite in cocos2d view”. What may be? Why we see two vertical spaces? Thank in advance! I’m using win32 version of cocos2d-x. Sprite with aliased texture (setAliasTexParameters).

picture_normal.png (4.3 KB)

picture_defect.png (5.8 KB)


hello, could you give us a sample project then we could debug and give out some advices?


I’m solved this issue. The same trouble in folliwing thread
Thank you!


Does CCDirector::setProjection(kCCDirectorProjection2D) resolves this bug? (the default value is 3d)


yeah, in the thread, someone said that “By default, the projection is set to 3D which was causing the strange rounding issues.”,
this may be the actual reason.