Removing XMSoft image from top-left corner of application (Bada OS)

Removing XMSoft image from top-left corner of application (Bada OS)
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How i can remove XMSoft label from top-left corner of application for bada?


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Sorry, this case isn’t done by us. XMSoft branch cocos2d-x, add bada port earlier, and add their logo in their framework.
Our bada port will release officially in next version v0.9.3.
You can wait for some days, or ask XMSoft guys. Perhaps you had to pay for removing their logo.


cocos2d-x bada port will fully support bada sdk1.0 WVGA, sdk2.0 WVGA and sdk 2.0 HVGA solution.


So is there any approximative date until cocos2d-x bad@ port is released?
Will it be avaidable this month,can any beta version be downloaded now?


We plan to release it at the end of this month.


Looking forward for it, thanks for the quick answer


Hi, Valery Sukovyh, bada port is integrated in the latest v0.10.0 stable release. Would you still have interest to have a try? Any feedback would be appreciated!


Big thanks, i already intalled cocos2d-x v0.10.0 and compiled on Bada 1.2.1. It work fine!
But when I try to build it for Bada 2.0.2 (HVGA), i have some errors:

Description Resource Path Location Type
cannot find lc-newlib CocosDenshion C/C*+ Problem
cannot find lc-newlib cocos2dx C/C*+ Problem
cannot find -lcocos2dx TestCocos2dx C/C*+ Problem
cannot find
lCocosDenshion TestCocos2dx C/C*+ Problem
cannot find
lm-newlib CocosDenshion C/C*+ Problem
cannot find -lm-newlib cocos2dx C/C*+ Problem
make: * Error 1 cocos2dx C/C+ Problem
make: * Error 1 CocosDenshion C/C
+ Problem
make:*** [TestCocos2dx.exe] Error 1 TestCocos2dx C/C++ Problem



In the article,,
3. Build Wave M libraries, run helloworld and tests
If you want to build libraries for bada 2.0 device, you should switch each project to HVGA modal, then put the attachment files ( and to ‘C:.0.2\Model\WaveHVGA\Target’ folder. Now, build and run your project as above step!


Sorry for the inattention!
Compiled completed, thanks.

I run test application on HVGA device and it crashed on TransitionTest when i clicked back button, can i fix this bug?.


You have found the crash reason? I will test this bug on my WAVE M device.


Hi, I have tested this issue, but the bug did not appear!


It crashed in TestLayer1::backCallback(CCObject* pSender) function on CCDirector::sharedDirector()->replaceScene(pScene); line. Application crash on CCTransitionPageTurn animation, but other transitions work fine.


Oh, you are right. WAVE M don’t support 3D feather, look at this article