Removing the "border" between ScrollView content nodes



I am using a ScrollView component in Cocos Creator (latest version, v1.8.1) and I am seeing a grey “border” around each element in the scroll view. It is a few pixels of grey (almost looks like a bevel) around all four sides of each node under content node. I would prefer to have the nodes (screen-sized sprites) take up the whole screen without any “border” between them, or around the edges.

I removed the scroll bars and I tried messing with the mask, node sizing etc. but I couldn’t figure out a way to remove it. Is there a way to get rid of the border?

I can always “roll my own” scroll view using correctly positioned sprites under a empty node, reacting to the input events etc. but if possible I would love to use the built-in ScrollView.



Never mind. The “border” I was seeing has something to do with the 100x100 pixel white .png image I was using for my sprite. When I switch to using the Sprite (with splash), which uses a built-in default_splash image I don’t see a border.

I hope I didn’t waste anyone’s time.