removing hellolua in cocos2d-x-3.0rc0

removing hellolua in cocos2d-x-3.0rc0
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I think removing this example from the release is a big mistake.
Without a simple example a new user will just give up and look somewhere else.
No he/she will not try to find it in the repository and add it.
You need something simple that run of the top otherwise new users will go away.


Also if you download the sample files hellolua cannot be added to the project.
There is an error in the project file.


OK you moved it into lua-empty-test not every one will be looking there :frowning:
This is truly a giant step backward.

Removing the luascript directory moving every thing around make upgrading projects to this new version a night mirror.


What did you mean Removing the luascript directory?


No the title said removing hellolua

When I downloaded this system if hellolua did not exist and compiled I would have look for something else.

I have recommended this system to 2 people. I tell them compile hellolua and give me a call if you have a problem.

Having the examples part of the build made it easy for a user to find them and add new one without making the root of the tree larger.

I have a bunch of examples that I have added to the samples to test various facet of the program now I have to re-organize the structure create new project files for every one of them. The relative paths have changed. I use file comparison from version to version every change of directory structure makes this a lot harder.

If you download the samples they cannot be added to visual studio they just don’t work they do not even installed in visual studio 2013.

At each iteration the directory structure has changed which make it harder for user to upgrade. It is not obvious that this last change improved the layout it just changed it.


I think the directory structure would not change after this version.


This is great.
By the way some of the changes where really an improvement.

You probably wonder why I ask you to leave hellolua or equivalent.
If you look on the web, coco2d is considered a difficult interface to work with.
It is much easier then a year ago and eclipse is easier as well.
But the first time a user try this environment this is when he/she decided to use it.
A new user look for an easy program to run.
Hellolua was this program.
lua-empty-test is not a friendly name.

Thanks for answering.
This is really a great deal of fun to play with.
OK I am picky, but I started programming in 1961 so maybe I am just out of it :slight_smile: