remove all warning messages(at least in headers)

remove all warning messages(at least in headers)
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I think cocos2d-x havig too many warnings (expesialy when compiling with /Wall flag) makes cleaning process a bit difficult, I mean there are many problems that when you are debuging you can easily spot using warning messages but when you try compile cocos2d with warning messages on there are a lot of warning popping up from the cocos2d headers and you can’t find what are your codes warnings. it would be nice if at least headers don’t generate any warnings.


I agree, that’re too many warnings. GCC is very strict at /Wall.
Can we do this after upgrade to 1.0.0-final? I think the day of cocos2d-iphone 1.0.0-final publish is very near. It will bring lots of changes to cocos2d-x source.


i was only suggesting that you could add this issue to your improve list, sure you can delay it but until then I guess no one can effectively use warnings. and by the way visual studio compiler is just the same as gcc, it generates jsut as many warning as there can be.


#512 is created for this. Ha, a nice number, I like it.