Release build?

Release build?
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I’m new to cocos2d-x and Linux, spending most of my time in Windows land. I’ve been able to build cocos, run the tests, HelloWorld, and a Linux version of the simple app generated by the Visual Studio wizard.

I’ve noticed that the frame rate on the generated app is pretty low under Ubuntu (20 fps or so) and wondered if it might be because I’m using a debug build. But I don’t see any files in the Release folder, nor do I see anything in the make files that would give me a hint about command line parameters for performing a Release build. Am I missing something?


i have try it in fedora but u can’t see the framerate there (i dont know why) but in ubuntu i have the same problem like you.

i hope they will fix it .


Is it running in the simulator?

Simulators tend to be slower then the actual device.