Recording sound cross platform

Recording sound cross platform
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Hi! First off, I’m new to both cocos2d, cocos2dx and app development, so bear with me if my question is stupid.

I have an idea for an app which roughly can be described as visualising sound. What I want to do is to record sound from the phones microphone, analyse it in real time and output some visualisation on the screen. I want this for both Android and iOS.

My question is if this is doable using cocos2dx? Is audio recording available in a cross-platform way?

Also, if you know of some sort of similar project or some kind of tutorial for recording and processing sound I would really appericiate to hear about it :).


I am also searching for this kind of help. if in cocos2dx we can play and record sound in iOS and android device.
Or this have to be implemented separately for both platforms.

Please help