Reading and Writing data to a mySQL database using PHP

Reading and Writing data to a mySQL database using PHP
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Hello everyone

i have been looking for some information on this topic and cant seem to find anything.

im trying to make a game with a similar setup as words with friends.

to me it seems logical to use a database to store data for users and the gameboard and turns and such, but i am not sure how to read/write data from a web based mySQL database.
i am experienced with doing this in PHP, but im not even sure if that is possible in this case using cocos2d-x.

if it is possible with PHP using cocos2d-x can anyone give me some pointers on where i should be starting, and if it is not possible or there is another way can anyone point me in the right direction to that?


Did you ever figure out how to do this?


OK,so first you need to authenticate that user.

  1. Send his credentails to server (normally people use RSA authentication)
  2. If authenticate then give OK status and passphrase. That string will be used for authenticating later on.
  3. Now for all updation you require send data in json and don’t forget to tag along that passphrase string as well.
    Hope that should solve your problem.