Random crashes on Android, "INVALID HEAP ADDRESS IN dlfree" - "Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad"

Random crashes on Android, "INVALID HEAP ADDRESS IN dlfree" - "Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad"
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Today, I went to go test my app on Android (I normally develop on Win32), and I noticed that at seemingly random times, the app would crash, saying

I read somewhere that this could be memory corruption, but I was unable to find the point in my code in which that happens and what causes it.

ndk-stack wasn’t helpful either, saying merely:

Can anyone help? This is an an 4.0.3,ICS US-Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III, (SCH-I535). However, this also happens on the emulator.

  1. connect your deivce to computer
  2. see if logcat is showing in ecllipse.
  3. open terminal (i hvae tried in ubuntu and MAC , in case window i am not sure)
  4. according to ndk-stack manual , use followng command “adb logcat | $NDK_ROOT/ndk-stack -sym $GAME_ROOT/proj.android/obj/local/armeabi/” , type without “” …. leave this terminal
  5. after issuing this command reproduce or wait for the crash , go back to terminal where you have issued command…… you will probably see the actual error …



Nope, I get

Is there a way to get those symbol files?


if in $GAME_ROOT/proj.android/obj/local/armeabi/ there are sym files then … there might be problem with path …. i cannot understnd cygwin path system …… i never used it …… but one thing i will mention, in command "sym " will tell logcat that symbolic files are in path given aftersym ….


I changed the “~~sym /cygdrive/c/…" to "~~sym C:/”… and it worked! However, I discovered that I am actually facing multiple different crashes (perhaps related?)

The first one:

And the second:

Which is not very helpful IMO.


Which happens at around the same time as the second.


The only ones that seem maybe useful to me are the first and third one. I am wondering why I am getting so many different crashes.


I have also just gotten:


Hi,i had see the same crash,and do u know how to fix it now?


I had the same problem yesterday and the reason was

I had a custom CCMenuItem Class in which I was using a boolean variable of same name as a method name already was defined in CCMenuItem which was causing memory leak.