quick-cocos2d-x or cocos2d-x ?

quick-cocos2d-x or cocos2d-x ?
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Hi All,

I’m new to cocos2d-x and going to build some board games. I’m going to do it in this way:

1)Write entire game in Lua with quick-cocos2d-x.
2)Wrap some c++ common components with Lua (We have some legacy C++ components for payment, server communication)

The benefit is that we can control the application upgrade and can do A/B test.

So my questions are :

1)Is quick-cocos2d-x stable enough ? Any alternative? Any successful commercial games using quick-cocos2d-x?
2)What’s the best practice of cocos2d-x & lua hybrid programming ?


I don’t suggest quick-cocos2d-x, according to my own view,I think quick-cocos2d-x has too few resources and documents,
and even there official wiki is not complete. cocos2d-x is much better.