questions in HelloLua

questions in HelloLua
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hi, everyone!
recently,I am learning Lua in cocos2d-x with visual studio 2010, and I have met many questions.
here is the one.
there is a file directory “cocos2dx_support” in HelloLua, but the directory “cocos2dx_support” doesn’t belong to HelloLua, I wondered how to add a file directory and its subdirectories to a project while they aren’t belong to the project ? you know , cocos2dx_support doesn’t in the Project HelloLua.if possible offered the detail information about how to do it. a step by step way would be appreciated! I really appreciate it if some one offer me help. thanks in advance!


Hi Zhou,

Do not know if you still need an answer, but you need cocos2dx_support in all projects (W32, Android, et.) to be able to use LUA!



yeah, sure ,I would really appreciate it , If you could offer me some help . thanks .


You just need to add these files under visual studio project:

  • CCLuaEngine.cpp
  • Cocos2dxLuaLoader.cpp
  • LuaCocos2d.cpp
  • tolua_fix.c

and of course care to the associated header files… It works fine!

the libs:

  • liblua
  • libcocos2d
  • libBox2D

Hope this may help you!