Questions about home buttons

Questions about home buttons
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Still fairly new to android and I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is a cocos behavior or an android behavior. I’m testing on a Nook Tablet which has one physical button and a friend’s Galaxy Tab which has a virtual ‘home’ and ‘back’ button.

On the Nook, pressing the button once fires the keyMenuClicked event. Pressing twice acts like ‘home’, taking me back to the launcher. I assume this behavior is part of the Nook’s design… no worries.

On the Galaxy Tab, my friend still has to press the home button twice to break out of my app. I would have thought that with one button dedicated to this purpose there would be no need for a double-tap?

I’ve run lots of other apps and they respond to a single-tap on the home key so is this a setting in cocos? Anyone else seen this?


Message of home key is ate by the system, we cannot get this message and process it in cocos2dx framework or games.
Our FishingJoy game is built in Galaxy Tab Chinese edition, Samsung haven’t reported this bug to us when testing. So, a bit odd.


Since ny game has no logical use for the back button anyway, I would like to have it pause the game and return the user to the launcher. I see functions to pause and resume but not to suspend and close it.