question about how to installed cocos2d-x in win8.

question about how to installed cocos2d-x in win8.
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I used Cocos2d-x for developing Android Applications before.

And now, I need Cocos2d-x for developing windows8 metro apps.

So, I installed Cocos2d-x 0.11 for win8 metro on Cocos2d-x site.

But, I failed omg!

First of all, My computer’s OS is Windows8 enterprise 32bit, IDE is VisualStudio 2012 Ultimate.


I tried to install.

But, When I clicked cocos2dx-win8-vs2011-Template.vsi , Error occured!

I think that the problems cause is difference between my computer셲 environments and site셲 setup environtment.

my computer IDE: VisualStudio 2012

site’s setup environment : VisualStudio 2011 beta

error massage : ProjectType 값에 대한 디렉터리가 없으므로 설치가 중지되었습니다. 해당 프로젝트 형식은 설치된 Visual Studio에서 사용할 수 없습니다.
( Installation is stopped because It doesn셳 have directory about ProjectType Key. This project form can셳 use in this Visual Studio. )

it looks likely vs2012 met invalid ProjectType.

We have to use Cocos2d-x in windows8 as soon as possible!

Help me….


hi dajung …did you get solution for your problem?