Question about cocos2d-html5 2.1.6

Question about cocos2d-html5 2.1.6
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We are making a game and have many problems in the mobile web browsers, specially on Android, and specifically on devices with OS 2.3.6 like Galaxy Note N7000. Not only with the performance but also with the audio.

I’d like to know if is 2.1.6 going to bring important improvements for the mobile browsers, since somebody could deduce it from the roadmap, and when it is expected to be released.



The 2.1.6 version of Cocos2d-html5 focus on Mobile web browsers performance improvement, it also fixed bugs and takes improves code maintainability.

As to mobile browsers compatible, it will take us a lot of time to test and fix bugs, it is doing step by step.

We are focusing on android 4.0+ now, and we will test 2.35+ in next step.
The 2.1.6 will be released on Sep.17, 8 days away.


If you met some issue, please help to list them here or create issue on our redmine.

We will test it, and if it can be reproduced, we will trace it and fix.


Hi Shun,

First of all, I really appreciate your efforts to improve the engine, and your constant feedback here in the forum. I will try to find all the info for this problem and post it here, and in general, me and my team will do everything on our hands to help you to improve the engine.

On the other hand, I think it would be good to have some “readme” or similar in the Cocos2d-HTML5 download that says that the engine is starting to be tested on mobile browsers, and that is not consolidated yet, because us (and probably other teams), assumed a risk working for a client on a project that is based on an engine that is not really ready for comercial projects on mobile browsers yet… and that is a big risk for small companies like our…




@Jesus Bosch: did you check the perfs of the live demos on your target platform(s) beforehand? That may have helped set your expectations. Although the demos are relatively simple, I started by checking them out on tablets / phones and instantly realized they run slowly (too slow to be acceptable for most types of games, unless it’s turn based or something).

From what I understood by looking around, there is currently something like a 10-20x perf difference between browser mode and native mode with Cocos (will probably change once WebGL is widely available on mobile), but your game code should work with either mode with no changes, which is great. From what you’re saying, I assume your client is only interested in a web browser game, and not an app?

I’m probably just stating the obvious here, so sorry if that doesn’t help. :stuck_out_tongue:


@thomas yes, I should have had to pay more attention to the examples. The thing is that my developers have a lot of experience with the C*+ engine, and I trust it a lot, so I just expected the HTML5 would have the same level, and it will for sure, but it is obviously more new and less mature than the C*+ version…

yes, my client is interested in browser games only :-S


Well, I guess your options are:

  • Follow Cocos2D HTML5 news for upcoming improvements (as you are already doing)
  • Figure out what’s slow exactly, and contribute to Cocos2D HTML5 (assuming the slowness comes from Cocos, and not from current mobile browser limitations, but I guess it’s a bit of both)
  • Drop Cocos for something else (hopefully not)

I wish you the best.


@thomas our game works fine on Android 4.x, the problem is on 2.3.6 and upper… we can just wait or move to another engine now


@Jesus: which other engine are you thinking of moving to ? Playcraft Engine ?


@frank I was thinking on Impact JS, that Playcraft Engine looks great on desktop browser, but the demos do not work on mobile.


@jesus did you try any other free options ?


Impact JS is very cheap… and no, I didn’t try other options.


@jesus ok, thanks for the input.


Jesus Bosch wrote:

@thomas our game works fine on Android 4.x, the problem is on 2.3.6 and upper… we can just wait or move to another engine now

We are testing demo and template to make them work properly for mobile browsers on android 4.x. We still don’t have enough time to test it on 2.3.6 and upper.

As to audio compatible problem, we plan to support all mainstream browsers, but all browsers. And some of them only support one audio playing at the same time, we will try to list them and give a feedback to developers.

As to performance, we are focusing on XiaoMi 1 or same level devices. Which were mainstream devices of Chinese market 2 years ago. It supports MoonWarriors more than 50fps in main menu, and 25-30fps in game scene with collide calculation, sprite frame display, label display, actions, sprites creating, destruction and other behavior, as well as casual game, card game or other games.

It could be 58-60fps in game scene on HongMi devices (Red Rice), which price is 128USD today.



Had a look at ImpactJs, it seems to be highly specialised. Not sure it can be compared to Cocos2D HTML5…