Question about CCSpriteBatchNode

Question about CCSpriteBatchNode
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Hello Everyone:
I got a problem when I use CCSpriteBatchNode

if one CCSprite wants to use CCSpriteBatchNode’s texture,we should do like this


so we can show sprite1 on layer1. Question is:
I have another sprite2, I want to show is on another layer2 and use batchnode’s texture, but i was already add batchnode to layer1, how can I do this ?

Wish your apply, thanks !


If you are creating the sprites from CCSprite::spriteWithBatchNode then you cannot add it to a parent otherwise
CCSpriteBatchNode will throw an exception.

If you are creating individial CCSprites through CCSprite::spriteWithTexture and using the texture handle
from the SpriteBatchNode I cannot see this being a problem as the sprite is independent of the SpriteBatchNode.

James Mintram