QtCreator as IDE

QtCreator as IDE
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Is there any possibility to use QtCreator/Eclipse on Mac instead of XCode?


I haven’t try this.
You had better to use XCode for iOS programes development, while Qt for Meego & Eclipse for Android. Official IDE of each platform is recommended.
cocos2d-x doesn’t plan to have a independent IDE such Unity3D, that’s too “heavy”.


I have tried QtCreator with cocos2d-x on Mac yesterday. The Qt port (by honghui) doesn’t support Mac yet. When I tried to compile it gave me an error which says glew.h, png.h and jpeglib.h not found.

EDIT: I think this should be possible on Qt mac once the Mac port is merged to the master branch. http://www.cocos2d-x.org/boards/6/topics/10352