QT/Cocos2d-x/Lua experiment.

QT/Cocos2d-x/Lua experiment.
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This is the result of a 3 days experiment : a proof of concept for a mini cocos2d-x IDE.

What I did and learned during these 3 days: QT : basis, menus, toolbars, docking widgets, custom textedit (line numbering/Breakpoints/line highlighting), syntax hightightting, code completion. Cocos2d-x : Quick and Dirty QT port (I transformed cocos2d-x into a QT widget). Lua : I got hard time understanding lua_hooks and how I can have breakpoints.

Conclusion :

  1. I did it and I am quite happy with the result :wink:

  2. Qt is very powerful, when you are in the right ‘spirit’, the API becomes very natural and intuitive.

  3. Cocos2d-x is a great piece of software. My dirty qt port was quite easy (the code is really structured to be ported easily on multiplatforms).

  4. Lua is very light but powerful. the C Debug api is not well documented and it’s quite hard to find information on how to do a C debugger on the net.

That’s it, I don’t plan to continue this experiment (too much work left to be production ready ;-)) but I had great time. The source code is so dirty that I don’t plan to share it but at least I can show you a little screencast of the result :


Hope you will enjoy !


Thank you for your sharing.