[QNX] Crash After Replace Scene

[QNX] Crash After Replace Scene
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I’m porting my game to qnx, using cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.11.0
I’m getting crash when I replace scene back to main menu of my game.
Is the crash caused by not sufficient memory?
from my log, the destination scene is already initialized.

CCLog(“Before replace scene”);
CCDirector::sharedDirector()->replaceScene(CCTransitionFade::transitionWithDuration(1.0, MenuScene::scene())); //The log from this scene appears
CCLog(“After destination scene initialized”); // Until this log shows, and then crashed.

This is the crash message :

Process 20967587 (MysMachine) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 ip=789ad6c4(/apps/com.example.MysMachine.testDev__MysMachine2fecdeb1/native/lib/libcocos2dx.so@_ZN7cocos2d6CCNode5visitEv+0x290) mapaddr=001ad6c4. ref=a2a0b936

Is this because reusing same texture plist while it is used in current scene?
If true, how can I solve this problem? purge the cached data first? or break apart the texture so they’ll used independently in each scene.


I found that stopBackgroundMusic() in destination scene causes this crash if there is another stopBackgroundMusic() from current scene.

There is a lot of random crash in my game, which is all lies in Replace Scene.
No clue from the compiler runtime log. How do you debug it?