purgeCachedData does not seem to work for me

purgeCachedData does not seem to work for me
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I’m building a game that is heavy on the assets.
I want to purge unused cached data by doing this
But this yields an error:
Object # has no method ‘unloadPlist’

Am I doing something wrong or is this not really implemented.
I’m using cocos2d.min.js file


Hi Super Class,

It is not really implemented on html5.

We will correct this mistake soon.

Thank you.


OK cool thanks allot.
Just to make this thread more informative.
I have solved (almost) the problem I needed to purgeData for.
performance was not good (I’m using cocos to build a web app with a big canvas and allot of animation) I have rearranged my loading so that I use cc.Loader.preload to only load what I need for that moment.
In the same manner I created my on loader that updates the animation and frame cache. I have build a corresponding unloader to remove the same assets from animation, frame and texture cache. so this is basically the same as
my planed use for purgeData. hope this idea helps people how need some optimisation.