pugi xml parser.

pugi xml parser.
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Pugi Xml parser work’s fine in Ios, and it’s not working on android/eclips. No compilation error is occur.


It works fine, most likely you’re having an issue with file opening, the following will help

void loadXmlDocumentFromPath(pugi::xml_document &document, const std::string &path)
    std::string fullPath = CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils()->fullPathForFilename(path.c_str());
    unsigned long size = 0;
    unsigned char* pData = 0;
    pData = CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils()->getFileData(fullPath.c_str(), "rb", &size);

    pugi::xml_parse_result result = document.load_buffer(pData, size);
    CCLOG((path + " : " + result.description()).c_str());


Thank’s victor, Now Pugi Xml Parser work’s fine on android also.