Publishing Apps Question

Publishing Apps Question
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This may seem like a stupid question so forgive me but I have not seen anything about it on the websites and forums. Question is, is it possible to develop on Windows with Cocos2D-X and publish on the app store and if so, are there any tutorials or samples describing the process? I have built a simple app on VS2008 but would like to try it on the iPhone if that is possible.


  1. Use our visual studio wizard to create a new cocos2d-x project on win32.
  2. Develop on windows based on cocos2d-x win32 port, write the game logic and debug it
  3. You still need a mac machine to run xcode. Use our xcode template to create a new cocos2d-x xcodeproj
  4. Copy the sources under yourgame/Classes & yourgame/Resource folder from windows to mac
  5. Compile your game in xcode, debug it on ios simulator
  6. code sign, distribute, publish …

You can follow the “Tutorial: How to make a cocos2d-x simple game” series on the homepage.


Thank you for your response…