publish on linux

publish on linux
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this is my first post so hello everyone.
Now, long story short - i would like to release my game/demo of my game on old good linux desktop. Yeah - i know that cocos2dx is for mobiles, but it also works on linu, so i would like to share my work with opensource community first.
So what i would like to do is prepare one big .bin file or prepare deb/rpm with libraries and game.
Anyone knows how to do it?
Yeach. Two more thinks- one is that i have modified library sources to support keyboard , and the second think is that i’m using 2.1.5 version.


have you looked at the proj.linux setups from the py or TestCpp?

That is where I would start for the build. Other than that, you’re just packaging a self contained C++ program which is pretty easy with .deb (and I assume RPM)