Programming Guide...?

Programming Guide...?
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I’ve spend a great deal of time with the Python version of cocos2d and was thinking of switiching to this, the c**, version so I can take advantage of c**’s memory management/performance and can release projects on mobile platforms.

Before I start I was wondering: is there a programming guide? The python version has one that does an excelent job of introducing one to the framework, what it does, and gives an overview of all of its parts and generally what they do and how one uses them. If not, is there something similar?

On a side note, how similar is cocos2d-x to cocos2d other than language change?


Cocos2d-x is similar to cocos2d-iphone, the concepts and API are almost the same. You can start from our wiki, search the pages you interest in. Or start from lots of blogs from developers. e.g. “Cocos2d-x for iOS and Android: Getting Started” and “Cocos2d-x for iOS and Android: Space Game” written by Jean-Yves Mengant, posted on


Cocos2d-x even has its own memory management so you don’t have to worry about memory leaks, as long as you follow a few rules.