program problem

program problem
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I have write add the code in the one ccp and h file of my project.
I found the problem about when i run or unlock my android device, i need to wait 10 second. It is no response.

It will run all the code when i start the program becasue the code is write in the same ccp file.
Or i have declare all the sprite to global variable. So it will run all the sprite when i start the program.

i have try to declare the sprite in the h file.
But it return the error message about the sprite undeclared idetifier.

class Level1 : public cocos2d::CCLayer
CCSprite * Level1_pSprite;
virtual void Level1_photo1CallBack(CCObject* pSender);
virtual void Level1_photo2CallBack(CCObject* pSender);
virtual void Level1_photo3CallBack(CCObject* pSender);
virtual void Level1_photo1_spriteMoveFinished(CCNode* sender);
virtual void Level1_photo2_spriteMoveFinished(CCNode* sender);
virtual void Level1_photo3_spriteMoveFinished(CCNode* sender);
virtual void Level1_win();
virtual void Level_Back_1(CCObject* pSender);
void Anim_rainbow_1();
virtual void Anim_rainbow_Finish_1(CCNode* sender);
virtual void CheckPlayedLevel(int L);

Please help me! (60.4 KB)


it is the head file