Process Leak on Kindle Fire?

Process Leak on Kindle Fire?
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Hi All,

Upon repeatedly entering and exiting my game on Kindle Fire Android versions 4.0.3 and 4.0.4, the OS seems to start respawning new processes while keeping the old ones. Eventually the system gets bogged down with tons of zombie processes.

In my androidmanifest I have launchMode=“singleTask” for my game’s activity.

I can’t figure out why this happening.
Any suggestions would be really appreciated!


Only happen on Kindle Fire?
Have you tried cocos2d-x samples? Does it also have the problem?

And what’s the engine version?



Sorry I missed your message - for some reason I wasn’t notified of it.
After testing some more it seems that the issue is due to AdMob ads. Once I removed them, the issue stopped happening.

It’s possible that the mix of AdMob ads plus cocos2d-x (I’ve been using v2.2.1) native code is causing the process leak, but I have yet to determine why or how. For now my solution is not to mix AdMob ads with cocos2d-x on Kindle Fire.