Problems with cocos2d-x on iOS after updating to 5.0.1


Good day, developers!

I’ve got the problem caused by updating iOS firmware to the final version. Problem appears while I’m trying to scroll the screen (scrolling uses CCNode::setPosition() method). The problem is that the screen begins to blink a lot, and the CCDirector abnormally draws textures…

Screenshots are in the attachment.


IMG_0097.png (1015.6 KB)

IMG_0098.png (316.5 KB)


Did anyone encounter similar problems??

This problem appears only on iPad2 while calling setPosition() on Big Textures. With iPad1 setPosition() works great!


I’ve encountered similar problem. Everything is OK on iPad 1/iOS 4.3.5 and there are weird graphic glitches on iPad 2/iOS 5.0.1.

Any updates?