problems about spine animation

problems about spine animation
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  1. it will draw nothing but bones(debugBones = true) if i load a spine animation with 2 skins(without default skin),even i call setSkin()

  2. it doesn’t work when i call setSkin(),i don’t know why.and i follow that,i found something.there is a function“Skin_attachAll”,if i change the line “if (slot~~>attachment == entry~~>attachment)” to “if (slot~~>attachment != entry~~>attachment)” ,then setSkin() can work correctly.i don’t know why.

help please.


I havent tried multiple skins myself, but the spine runtime bundled with cocos2dx may be out of date, it has been in the past for something else I needed. Try updating to the latest from esotericsoftware’s repos:


Thanks a lot.
You are right,but I have update the spine to the newest version. I still get the problems.


i have solved that!

skeletonNode = CCSkeletonAnimation::createWithFile(“spine/goblins.json”, “spine/goblins.atlas”);
skeletonNode~~>setSlotsToSetupPose(); // <- Need this!