problem with transitions between scenes

problem with transitions between scenes
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Hi all! I have a problem. In my game, I have a sequence of scenes:

  1. loading screen.
  2. Menu.
    3.loading level;
  3. level.
    To change the scene, I use
    CCTransitionFade * page = CCTransitionFade :: create (1, myScene);
    CCDirector :: sharedDirector () > pushScene ;
    In the “loading screen” and “loading level” I do it in a method onEnterTransitionDidFinish , in the menu to the click handler for the menu item.
    In the first case, the transition to the “loading screen” in the “menu”, all is well and working properly, but in the second case, the transition from “menu” in the “loading level” and then to “level”, I get a static picture of my “level”and not one of shedule is not called. If I do not use the transition, and I do just CCDirector :: sharedDirector
    > pushScene (myScene), then the same sequence of transitions, everything works fine. In what could be the problem? Thank you.


You’d better use CCDirector::replaceScene() to change a scene.


I use it, but all the same. Maybe the Problem of a place in which I am trying to change the scene? I’m trying to do it in a method onEnterTransitionDidFinish ()


If I do replaceScene for menu on the scene level and click in place of menu items, the menu is still working. Is this a bug?


i suggest you start with a clean sample implementation separate from your project code to see if what your trying works.