Problem with setting the position

Problem with setting the position
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Hi all,
I wan’t to set position of a CCSprite , like _firstFrameSetA~~>setPosition);
but when I check the position it shows : X~~>134, Y~~>some negative random value which keeps on changing every time I set position, seems like a bug, I have already cleaned the project and reseted the simulator but still getting problem. Any Idea what might have gone wrong ?
I actually found , that if I check value using CCLOG then its correct value that is X~~>134.00000, Y~~>134.00000 but when I check it by using a break point and then Xcode shows the problem I mentioned above.
Also for another CCSprite *firstFrameSetB I am setting same position as above i.e.*firstFrameSetB~~>setPosition(ccp(134,134));
and they are displayed one by one. But they are displayed slightly at different position . Any Idea what may be causing them to be displayed at different positions.

P.S :Both of them are in different batch Node .


Done! with the problem actually the bounding rectangle for both sprites are of different sizes, so that little difference in position is coming. Asked the artist to rectify…Thanks…