Problem with New Label in 3.0rc0

Problem with New Label in 3.0rc0
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When create label with specific .ttf file,characters that not defined in .ttf file will be missed rather than using system default to be written,and just show log:

can’t find letter definition in font file for letter: \

how can I fix this problem?Thank you!


also,if use Editbox with no font-name defined,characters input will show very small,


I guess the incorrect font size was fixed at


sorry, I think you should create label with specific that contains the characters you will use.


@Ryeeeeee but it’s hard to know which characters are needed,especially for localized texts.


yep,you would never know what users really want.Just think about Line Play,Japanese users, Korean users and Chinese users use different languages.I can see people with nicknames from Japanese,Korean and Chinese,but not just some blank,


Another solution is to use system default characters. It’s impossible temporarily to use both .ttf characters and system default characters.


I try it in 3.3,also hapen the same problem.