Problem with NDK-GDB !!

Problem with NDK-GDB !!
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When I try to debug my cocos2dx program with ndk-gdb tool ,every time i set a breakpoint ,the program crash out when tigger the breakpoint, every timeWhy?


I hate ndk-gdb too!
Try to debug the c++ logic with VisualStudio in windows at first, it will make the work easier.


but some problem only happend in android,it works well in windows


print log, CCLOG…


I also have never got the GDB working correctly. There are tutorials on the internet from people who claim they have, but not with cocos2d-x. Maybe one day google will give us a real solution…


Walzer Wang wrote:

print log, CCLOG…

Hey can you please let me know how to use CCLog to print variable, string values at runtime?



You can use it like printf().


I using ndk-gdb with ndkR6- work perfect without any patches, nut it wasn’t worked at r5.