Problem with launching the helloCpp project for Android

Problem with launching the helloCpp project for Android
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I’m student and with my classmates, we have to realize a game for Android and IOS. We use the cocos2d-x framework to do so but we have a problem with the execution of the android’s helloword project. In fact we can see the helloword application on the android simulator but when we launch it we have a black screen and we can’t do nothing. We can launch the win32 application without problems but it’s the android part that crash appart. I thank you in advance and i apologize for my bad english because i’m not english or american.


It’s a bit tricky to run an Android app in the Emulator. Try reading this thread and see if it helps:
But it’s most recommended to test and debug using an Android device.


Thanks Lance for the answer, i’m sorry to respond only now.:slight_smile:
I’ve tried to follow your advice but we can’t launch the application.
We always have the black screen.
Sorry again for my bad english.


Do you get a black screen even on a device?


I’m sorry to only answer now.
Now we can have a helloworld on the device but not on the simulator.
With the simulator we have an error message “the application HelloCpp” has stopped unexpectedelly. Please try again."