Problem with CCTMXTiledMap on Android with cocos2dx2.0.2

Problem with CCTMXTiledMap on Android with cocos2dx2.0.2
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Hello I’m Carlos and I’m new in cocos2dx.

I follow the tutorials and I can install cocos2dx in my Windows, I read a lot of examples and tutorials (most of all doesn’t work good in cocos2dx2.0.2 because ccmutablearray can’t be used now and other things).

But now I made a game with a TiledMap (with, I can load the TMX in Windows, XCode but with Android debugger the app start and close (no message force to close and nothing at else simply close).

I’m not sure about the problem because if I put CCTMXTiledMap::create(“map.tmx”) and If file not exist in assets folder appear the message “Asset file not found” but if I put the file in assets the app starts and close.

I did a lot of changes, I read the reference and I test with the examples that I found in raywenderlich but nothing work on Android version.

Please if someone know about this issue and can help me I’m very grateful.

P.D: Other question is about support multiscreen on Android, If someone know how to do that (I have some ideas in my mind, but if exist a solution I’m very grateful too)

Thanks for all =D


probably this solution works also for you:



Thanks =D I fex some weeks ago changing in CCTmxParser but in 2.0.3 someone said me that was fixed. Thanks a lot.