Problem with CCLayerColor and SetEyeXYZ

Problem with CCLayerColor and SetEyeXYZ
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When I use CCLayer and setEyeXYZ(), I can get a Sprite rotated in the horizont, but using the same code, changing the class from CCLayer to CCLayerColor or CCLayerGradient(for setting a colorized background), the Sprite disappears.

*EDITED: I think that the texture drawed to emulate background color always is on top of my twisted texture. What about a “glClearColor”?

CCLayerGradient_ERROR.png (23.6 KB)

CCLayer_OK.png (33.5 KB)


This solved my problem (backgroun as white):

void IntroScene::draw()
  glClearColor (1.f, 1.f, 1.f, 1.f);
  CCLayer::draw ();