problem with CCEGLView.h [Eclipse/r9c/3.0beta2]

problem with CCEGLView.h [Eclipse/r9c/3.0beta2]
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#1 tells me there is fatal error on CCEGLView.h.
CCEGLView.h cannot include glfw3.h because it cannot find it.

So i found the path to glfw3.h and edited it:
import “D\programming\blah\glfw3\include\win32\glfw3.h”

and it doesn’t give me that glfw3.h is missing but gives me that
in glfw3.h in cannot find “GL/gl.h”

Do I have to download openGL or something to use cocos2d?

Help me please


Did you reslove this problem. Now the problem occureid with me.


I resolved it, although I don’t know what made the problem. I just create a new project by the original cocos which release form the download cocos2d pack. And the new project is OK. Maybe I changed something in my old cocos2d but I haven’t noticed it.


@polluxchi That problem occured when I was doing it with cocos2dx 3.0 beta2. Because of this I spent about three weeks to start but I failed at using cocos2dx 3.0 beta2 so I started with 2.2.2 and works just fine.

Good for you :smiley: