Problem with 3D Effects and Retina mode

Problem with 3D Effects and Retina mode
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I am having a problem with blurry images on retina mode.

Please see the attached images.
This is after doing a CCFlipX3D action.

Normal looks fine - all edges are sharp. Retina, however looks noticeably blurry.
This ONLY happens after a CCFlipX3D animation. I may happen with any 3D effects. If I just do scale, opacity, movement - even Retina is sharp. Note that the background and fps info displays as very sharp as well. It seems to happen to any CCSprite that I assign a 3D effect.

I have enabled retina: pDirector->enableRetinaDisplay(true), and tried toggling projection from 2D/3D.
The images are of even-numbered sizes for both height & width (normal and retina). Same issue on device and simulator.

[EDIT: not sure why there are two normal images below, but they are the same]

normal.png (102.9 KB)

normal.png (102.9 KB)

retina.png (350.8 KB)


To add to this, here is a better way to describe this problem.

Please see the image attached. The image on the left is a static CCSprite. The one on the right is identical, but has been through a CCFlipX3D.

CCFlipX3D* flipx = CCFlipX3D::create(.5);
CCSprite pPopup = CCSprite::create;
pPopup2 = CCSprite::create(“redbackshadow.png”);
pPopup~~>setPosition );
pPopup2~~>setPosition( ccp((size.width/2)100, size.height/2) );
>addChild(pPopup, 2);

Any ideas on how to fix the blurry retina image?

Thanks in advance.


FYI…I was able to work around this by using CCOrbitCamera instead of CCFlipX3D.