Problem when importing android projects to eclipse.


I have followed,*-*How_to_Create_a_New_cocos2d-x_project_on_multi-platforms
in creating new projects.

Ive gone thru the create-android-project.bat, build the project in cygwin, import the project in eclipse. But when its time to build the project in eclipse, I get this error:

[2011-11-07 18:05:48 - HelloWorld] AndroidManifest.xml file missing!

even if the AndroidManifest.xml is existing when checked in windows explorer.

This also happens when on the HelloWorld project of cocos2d-x.

Please give me advice on how to resolve this, thanks!




It seems that the problem was that I had my workspace directory same with the project directory. Ive created a new workspace in a different location then imported the project now everything’s fine. But Im still not sure why having the source of your project located within directory of the workspace is causing a problem.